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Our Mission

Is to empower our employees, clients and business partners with exceptional leadership, expertise, education, tools and lender choice which in turn naturally creates the most exceptional and truly unique mortgage experience possible for our valued clients. We achieve this by reinforcing to our employees, clients and partners that this is about our Vision DNA, what we strive to be. Our vision is of excellence, professionalism, integrity, knowledge, leading edge offerings, charity, mentorship and exceeding expectations. As the old axiom goes, give more and more you shall receive.

Tom Gasparec, AMP

Mortgage Broker
Licence: M08000455

Tom leads growth, innovation, marketing and management for the Team. The Team vision is of excellence, professionalism, integrity, knowledge, leading edge offerings, charity, mentorship and exceeding expectations.

Recognized as distinguished professional with a surging business, Tom ranked 32nd in the TOP 75 Brokers Survey by Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine in 2012 and continues to rank in the TOP of his profession each year.

Tom takes pride as an advocate of his customer needs. Tom's success is due largely to his team's dedication to continuous personal and professional improvement. To personally achieve this objective, Tom is continuously raising the bar in education, experience, and professionalism.
Tom has over 18 years of related finance and mortgage industry experience. This industry background coupled with his multifaceted finance experience gained as Strategic Business Manager at Newcourt Credit Group proves to be invaluable to his clients.
Tom is a true financial professional who is always focused on providing comprehensive advice and excellent customer service to his clients. He truly is the definition of a Trusted & Accredited Mortgage Professional.
In 2004, Tom was awarded the prestigious ACCREDITED MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL (AMP) designation by the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers & Lenders. "AMP" is a new Standard by which Mortgage Professionals will be measured. The designation is currently only awarded to a small Distinguished Group of Mortgage Professionals that have met the highest Standards of Education, Ethics, Experience and Professionalism in Canada's mortgage industry.

Community involvement

Tom is a proud supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Local Shelters, children’s sports teams and many other local charities. Outside of the office Tom spends time with family & friends along with playing many sports he enjoys such as soccer, skiing, tennis and anything else that keeps him active.

Advice and Insights

The intrinsic value of a Lifetime Mortgage Management system cannot be understated. It is the pillar of our client’s long term success and wealth.
It is what ensures that our clients save thousands in interest and penalties over a lifetime, not just the term of the mortgage.
Above all, it is a system to accelerate the payoff of your mortgage or a tool to help leverage the power of your equity to build and expand, protect and preserve your wealth. We help manage our client’s real estate wealth today and for future generations.

Paul Wade

Mortgage Agent – Level 2
Licence: M11002252

My role is Lead Mortgage Planner for Tom Gasparec

866 492-4024

Paul’s Role in the mortgage Team is Lead Mortgage Planner
With 17 years of credit experience and over 10 years of mortgage experience I have helped thousands of clients with their financing needs over the years. Specializing in purchases, refinancing, investment properties, and equity loans I am dedicated to providing the best solutions. As a Mortgage Agent and my role as Lead Mortgage Planner for Tom Gasparec I strive to help clients meet their financial goals and needs. I aim to provide unbiased mortgage advice and strategies that will be designed to suit and meet the needs of each specific client while taking pride in making sure the client’s needs come first.

Community involvement
I am an active golfer who is involved in participating in many charitable golf tournaments to help raise money for community organizations. With my wife I also donate at Christmas to charitable foundations supporting less fortunate children in our community. I have supported habitat for humanity to make sure everyone has affordably housing in the build a home program.

Advice and Insights
Always speak to a professional and learn as much as possible when it comes to the largest purchase of your life. The conversation should not always be about rate and you should weigh your options and pick the right mortgage product for you and your family. Give yourself the flexibility as nobody can predict the future.

Jenny Gonzalez

Mortgage Agent – Level 2
My role is Executive Assistant to Tom Gasparec
Licence: M08000455

Jenny’s role in the mortgage Team is Executive Assistant to Tom Gasparec

As a Mortgage Agent, Jenny is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. Jenny has extensive experience in the mortgage industry and legal professions. Jenny plays a key role managing both client and partner relationships.

Working directly with Tom Gasparec & Paul Wade, Jenny helps clients across a variety of services with the goal of providing assistance through complete mortgage process.

Jenny evaluates income documents, credit history, lender instructions, tax information and bank statements for different lenders, allowing the mortgage process to run smoothly and as hands off as possible for our amazing clients.

Community involvement

Jenny is a proud supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Local Shelters, children’s sports teams, and many other local charities. Jenny loves spending time with family & friends along with many sport activities

Advice and Insights

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. Find a Professional that will listen to your personal requirements, every client’s needs are different. My ultimate goal is to make the entire mortgage process as seamless as possible!
We take provide in helping our clients navigate through the entire process from application to funding to lifetime mortgage management. .

Tom Gasparec along with the dedication of his team is an award winning Mortgage Professional ranked in the CMP Top 75 Brokers in Canada.
Each year, our mortgage professionals work alongside lenders to provide hard-working individuals and families the opportunity to realize a dream – long-term financial security in a home.

Canada's Fastest Growing Mortgage Family
Established in 2002, almost two decades ago, Canada's largest Independent Brokerage gives you an advantage. It’s the Axiom Advantage, with hundreds of community-minded mortgage professionals, franchise owners & high level corporate executives that collectively manage over 11 Billion in mortgages nationwide and climbing.
This organizational structure ensures Axiom Mortgage Solutions continuing reputation for high quality service and product with customers, lenders and investors alike.
Nationally focused, Axiom Mortgage Solutions provides mortgage funding and investment services to all Provinces in Canada, originating well over $2.5 BILLION DOLLARS of mortgage loans each year.

As the largest Independent Brokerage in the Canada, Axiom Mortgage Solutions has well established institutional and private lending facilities, dealing with over 40 different lenders including four of Canada's major chartered banks.

Axiom Mortgage Solutions has unmatched abilities to underwrite, place and fund residential prime and sub-prime mortgages.  
What is the Mortgage Market?
Representing Canada's largest pool of residential mortgage capital, this group of traditional lenders includes banks, credit unions, trust companies and wholesale lenders. They define the leading edge of their industry and offer state-of the-art mortgage products that can save you big money.

It begins with you filling out a Finmo digital mortgage application providing a new, fast & easy digital mortgage experience. With the push of a button, this application is sent to the Mortgage Market, and within hours we will have a customized lender comparison report and offers ready for you.
Using a depth of knowledge available to Tom Gasparec & Axiom Mortgage Solutions Professionals, the Mortgage Professional then helps you secure the mortgage that best fulfills your needs. Whether it's this high-tech alternative to an unlimited array of mortgage choices, our commitment to top-notch advice, or a combination of both, one thing is for sure: Canadian mortgage shoppers have embraced us. Big time!

Tom Gasparec and his team also specialize in commercial, industrial or investment mortgage placements and are experts in credit recovery refinancing. Where required, Tom Gasparec and his team can also handle personal and business credit lines, credit cards and business loan, and his team is able to satisfy the full range of a borrower's requirements, offering one stop mortgage and financing solutions.

Tom Gasparec and his team along with Axiom Mortgage Solutions and all of its managers and agents are members of Mortgage Professionals Canada,   and subscribe to its By-Laws, Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice. Mortgage Professionals Canada boasts most of Canada's institutional lenders, including major chartered banks, as its members.


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